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Nokia says it's spent over $1B on Qualcomm patent payments, can it please go now

Nilay Patel

You know, we'll actually be a little sad when the endless legal battle between Nokia and Qualcomm actually comes to an end -- but until then, we're going to revel in all the dirt that comes out of having over a dozen simultaneous lawsuits going worldwide. Nokia now says that it owes Qualcomm nothing for its "early" CDMA patents, because it's dropped a cool billion dollars into license payments for them over the past 15 years and those deals have expired, so it's in the clear now. As you might expect, Qualcomm disagrees, and says that if Nokia wants to keep using its tech, it's got to pay up -- that's on top of the estimated $500 million a year Nokia's already paying Qualcomm for other patents. Guys, guys, why fight like this? What's a couple billion a year between friends? Video summary of the entire dispute after the break.

[Via MocoNews]

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