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Polaroid to shake Instant Digital photo frame into reality [Update: sorry, game off!]

Nilay Patel

For every terrible mockup we see, there's a few that stand out -- and it looks like that Digital Polaroid frame concept we spotted a couple weeks ago caught some eyes over at Polaroid as well, because the company has apparently contacted designer Dave Friedman and is working on making it a real product. That's a pretty fitting tribute to a classic gone by -- but we won't be appeased unless you can shake this thing to make new photos appear.

Update: Looks like Stuff misconstrued a simple statement made by a Polaroid employee (that he saw and "liked" the concept), and ran the whole thing as fact. Shocking. David Friedman, the concept's originator, got in touch and let us know that "I wish [it] were the case, but unfortunately the first I heard of this was earlier today in a post on Stuff Magazine's website. ... So I think this still goes in the "rumor" category for now."

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