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Structural changes mean Kaz Hirai will head both SCEI and SOE

Jem Alexander

Sony is announcing today that structural changes will be occurring within the company, effectively merging the Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Online Entertainment departments. (Sony Online Entertainment has been run by Sony Pictures.) While the two will remain largely separate Kaz Hirai, President of SCEI, will now be the head of both companies, with SOE President John Smedley reporting to him from April 1st onwards.

Both SOE and SCEI seem excited by the opportunities this brings, with Hirai stating that he is "excited to be able to work with SOE even more closely, as online games and services become a more integral part of the PS3 entertainment experience. This new structure will allow us to take full advantage of the extensive breadth of expertise of the two companies and increase our range of exciting entertainment offerings to our consumers." Smedley shares these sentiments, adding that he is "thrilled to become a part of the incredible team that has made PlayStation 3 the premier platform for next generation online gaming."

This all seems to make sense, considering how much energy SOE is putting into PS3 projects over the next frew years. We can't wait to finally starting seeing the fruits of their labor later this year.

[Via press release]

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