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Wii Warm Up: What Brawl is missing?


Super Smash Bros. Brawl seems to have pretty much every base covered. Really, it's the ultimate gaming box of chocolates, boasting an absurdly vast array of fighting modes, trophies, characters, items, stages, stickers, challenges, music, snapshots, customized stages, and much, much more. But here's something it doesn't have: Miis.

Reader Mark wrote to us pointing out that he rather liked the idea of putting himself up against the Brawl cast. We hadn't even considered this, but now Mii integration in Brawl appeals to us also! It may seem churlish to complain about a lack of stuff to do in Brawl, but then Miis make appearances in other Nintendo titles, so why not Brawl? Think you'd have enjoyed seeing a miniature, blobby version of yourself kicking Pikachu in the gums? Of course you would!

Oh, and bonus points to anybody who can tell us who the dozen Miis above are based on.

[Thanks, Mark!]

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