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Canadian survey sez half of HDTV buyers are clueless about high-def

Darren Murph

Confusion amongst the general populace in regard to high-definition technology has been a problem for quite some time, and while we're not putting too much stock in the most recent survey about our neighbors up north, the results are fairly comical if nothing else. New poll findings from Nanos Research has discovered that 48-percent of the Canadians surveyed "confessed they were not at all knowledgeable about such features as 1080p resolution and pixel response times, compared to only 5-percent who considered themselves very knowledgeable." That being the case, HDTV sales in Canada still managed to surge some 72-percent last year, and around half of the participants did note that "concerns such as power consumption and toxins used in manufacturing" were very important when making their choice of HDTV. Granted, the survey was commissioned by Sharp in order to gloat about its "eco-friendly" AQUOS, but the bigger picture here is that the public at large is still a long ways away from really wrapping their heads around high-def.

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