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Christie intros 95-pound CP2000-M DLP Cinema projector

Darren Murph

It's not often that you need to phone a friend over in order to help you physically lift a projector for installation, but if you happen to place an order for Christie's newly announced CP2000-M, um, you may want to have some brawn nearby. At 95 frickin' pounds, this thing is hailed as "the most compact DLP Digital Cinema projector in the world," and true though that may be, you can tell it wasn't designed for the "average" home theater (or home theaters at all, really). As for specs, you can look forward to 12,000 ANSI lumens, a motorized lensing system and a selection of eight zoom lenses, 2K resolution, a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, and twin HDCP-compliant DVI ports. We have absolutely no idea how many vacation homes you'd have to liquidate in order to call one of these your own, but for the vast majority of us, we doubt it'll matter.

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