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New islands coming to Burnout Paradise as free DLC


Talk of new downloadable content for Burnout Paradise has been burbling around the Criterion Games website. On the forums, creative director Alex Ward has revealed that new cars will be made available as downloadable content in both the Xbox 360 and PS3 version. More exciting, though, is news of the expansion of Paradise City, with the introduction of several islands to the map. Perhaps even more exciting, however, is news that the islands will be offered as a free update to the game.

Details are still scarce at this point, but Alex Ward states that bridges from the main section of Paradise City will lead out to the new islands, each of which will offer "a different type of gameplay." Whether this means that islands will depart from the open-ended style of Paradise, or whether the terrain of each will be suited to certain play styles remains to be seen. The islands themselves will be offered as free, mandatory software updates, while the new cars will be sold via the traditional microtransaction system.

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