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Today in Joystiq: March 14, 2008

Ross Miller

Over 20,000 Swarovski crystals were used to make the Wii case pictured above (picture of Bowser on the other side) given to the winner of the Smash Bros Brawl competition -- or you can presumably pay Crystal Icing the retail price of $4,000. (Via Engadget) Check out the highlights for today:

Ask Joystiq: On bankruptcy, guitar compatibility and Euro-rock (band)
DS Fanboy Lite: Mar. 8 - Mar. 14
Joystiq Podcast 041 - Army of Three edition
This Week in Review: Wild, Blissful and Hands-on
Today's most oddly musical video: HarmoNESica

Square Enix preps Valkyrie Profile for the DS
Play Warlords Online, the Puzzle Quest creators' MMO
Follow the progress of the Myst movie
BioWare: Mass Effect 2 likely a timed Xbox 360 exclusive, PC version confirmed
Renegade Kid's Project M revealed as DS action title 'Moon'
LotRO expansion takes players to Mines of Moria
Manhunt 2 UK ban officially lifted
New islands coming to Burnout Paradise as free DLC
Microtransactions coming soon to Nintendo Wii
GTA IV drives slo-mo, learns days of the week
MS touts digital distribution over 'historic' discs
FF7 Crisis Core receiving special edition in UK
Second Life CEO stepping down, remaining active in development
Rock Band Weekly: The Earache Thrash Pack
The Incredible Hulk captured in screenshots
Wii 'Twilight Princess' hack gets SD card support
Laugh at Agetec's new DS game, 'LOL'
Project Origin community website launched

Rumors & Speculation
Report: Mexican game industry worth $1B by 2010
Analyst: EA's lost its luster
Rumor: GTA IV multiplayer to boast 15 modes, 16 players

Culture & Community
Pontiac ad is glorious homage to Spy Hunter
Which Pokémon would you eat?
Metal Gear Solid "inspired" sneakers

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