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Another iPod touch catches on fire, Mr. BlurryCam is there


Perhaps this is some sort of elaborate hoax, maybe it's an epidemic of iPod touch coffee stains, or perhaps this player really just is this hard to photograph. Still, our second set of blurry "my iPod touch caught on fire" pictures certainly has us reaching for our Flaming Goblet of Skepticism (+3 WIS). Similar to Max's experience a couple days ago, tipster Ryan F. says his iPod caught on fire from the inside. Ryan says he plugged it in to charge and it showed a dead battery, then the screen went white and the device started to get super hot, so he unplugged it but it continued to burn. The fire ended up leaving a blackish orangish circle in the screen, along with a brown dent in the metal on the back (pictured after the break). Ryan's going to try and track down a better camera to take some better pictures of the damage.

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