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Bungie to release Halo 3 "Legendary Map Pack" details Tuesday

Fans of Bungie's fight-finishing FPS were undoubtedly pleased to learn last month that Halo 3, though falling behind in the Xbox Live activity rankings, is in no danger of going to the cybernetically-enhanced dogs, as it were. The map-crafting wizards at Bungie are already hard at work on a new trio of downloadable arenas -- the eight-man, objective-oriented "Ghost Town" was revealed during GDC, the other two remain shrouded in mystery.

However, much like fresh Milano cookies at an Oprah's Book Club meeting, mysteries on the internet don't last very long. Bungie announced in a recent weekly update that they will reveal the second leg of their DLC tripod this coming Tuesday, dropping hints in the form of four images of the vehicles that will be playable on the map. Either these rigs have suffered a vicious antiquing, or the new map will be set in a crystalline winter wonderland -- we do so hope it's accompanied by a "Spartan Snow Angel" playlist.

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