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Don't do it, it's a trap

Amanda Dean

Zanzer of Mal'Ganis posted on the World of Warcraft test realm forum that he is displeased with the user interface change that shows hunter traps in the combat log. Obviously this is a PvP related change, as PvE mobs probably don't care if a hunter sets traps or not. The ability to trap is one of the most important features of the Hunter class.

Typically players know when Hunters are dropping traps for two reasons. First, there is an unmistakable squatting animation that shows the character setting the trap. Of course you have to have your camera on the Hunter to see the animation. Second, Hunters who are worth their salt lay traps whenever they are able to in the PvP environment. The difference is the combat log now states what type of trap has been dropped.

The discussion in the thread revolved around how this relates to other class cast animations and abilities. Is the Hunter trap supposed to be stealthy? Because if it is, it currently clearly isn't. Chacko of Stormscale pointed out that Hunters usually learn to conceal their squatting animations. I admit to being a level 70 hunter and not knowing how to do this. Anyone willing to clue me in?

Thanks to reader Orin, for the tip. Orin also gave us a link to Zanzer's Admiral Ackbar addon that announces to your raid or party when a Hunter drops a trap. With no official Blizzard response in the thread, we have to assume that this change is working as intended.

Do you think this is a serious nerf to Hunters?

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