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Forza 2 March Car Pack DLC releases next Wed

Dustin Burg

Turn 10 has been busy as a beaver as of late, releasing new vehicle packs and new racetracks for Forza Motorsport 2 over the past few months. And, lucky for us, March will be one of those grand Forza 2 DLC months with the announcement of the upcoming March Car Pack.

Odd thing about this new March Car Pack is that we have yet to hear the announcement come from Turn 10 or Microsoft's mouths, as we learned of its existence from an exclusive DLC trailer (embedded above) that was released last night. So that means we don't have too many details pertaining to its cost or what's exactly included in the pack, though fans in the Forza 2 forums pretty much nailed down which new vehicles the DLC will offer. What we do know is that the Forza 2 March Car Pack will come packed with brand new rides and be released next Wednesday, March 19th. So hold tight, plant your feet firmly on the ground and hope that Turn 10 is generous in their pricing (ahem, free?)

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