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TrekMovie claims confirmation of Cryptic STO rumors

Samuel Axon
Save, the web's foremost Star Trek blog, claims that it has "confirmed with sources" that Cryptic is the new developer of Star Trek Online. Just a couple of days ago, some forum-dwellers connected a lawyer representing STO back to Cryptic. A couple days before that, the STO website mysteriously relaunched. The clues don't end there, either.

TrekMovie is a fairly credible blog. It has an outstanding track record of inside scoops about the new Star Trek movie, at least. So: you know when two friends in your circle are sleeping together, and they want to keep it a secret, but every one knows, and it would just be easier for all involved (and not involved) if they'd just fess up? This Cryptic/STO relationship is looking a bit like that.

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