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One Shots: The angel of Tarren Mill

Once in a great while, world PvP does still break out in World of Warcraft. Tarren Mill seems to be the favored spot on my home server. Invariably, if I'm in the area, I'll come rushing to the defense of the Horde. Of course, this particular time, I was on my wee baby Rogue alt, not my Rogue main, so I got to spend some time with the Angel of Tarren Mill for over-extending myself and forgetting that I didn't quite have all the same talents I normally have. Oops! There are certainly less scenic places to meet up with the rez angel, though!

Do you have screenshots of enormous glory, crushing defeat, or just some scene that caught your eye? Perhaps you've got screens you snagged of a server event? If so, please send those screenshots in to us here at! Without your screenshots, we have no epic stories to tell. So send them in, and let us share in your world!

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