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Reggie: Holiday blockbuster for the Wii to be revealed at E3

Unless you have some sort of parentally-enforced bedtime, or live in an Amish community that shuns the use of televisions, there's really no excuse to miss the piping-hot weekly episodes of Gametrailers TV on Spike. If you skipped last Friday's show, you missed some of the most exciting news to grace Nintendo fanboys' ears in quite some time -- the promise of an E3 unveiling of a Wii holiday blockbuster, delivered by the mountainous Reggie Fils-Aime.

"We are going to have great new content maximizing all our key franchises," Fils-Aime promised. "It's going to be a good second half." As host Geoff Keighley conjectured, a Donkey Kong Wii title is certainly a logical assumption, but our fingers are eternally crossed for Animal Crossing Wii. What first-party franchises do you hope The Reg was hinting at?

[Via Kotaku]

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