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SOE begins migration of Station Exchange to Live Gamer

Michael Zenke

The EverQuest 2 Players page has a post up on the start of the Station Exchange's migration over to the Live Gamer service. Sony Online Entertainment and Live Gamer made the announcement of their alliance last month, with the third-party company soon to be in control of SOE's unique publisher-supported RMT service. The 27th, specifically, is the last day that Sony Online will be running the service.

Starting on the 31st, Exchange (operating only on the Bazaar and Vox servers) will be completely transferred to Live Gamer. Already users are no longer allowed to start auctions with a 12-day timespan. Service users will have to register with the Live Gamer Exchange prior to using the service. Users who register before the 27th will actually be given a unique in-game EQ2 house item: a Pot of Gold. Somehow strangely appropriate, eh?

Update: We originally stated that the Exchange would be operating on the Bazaar and Shadowhaven servers, as that is what the announcement on the site states. We received a correction from the SOE community team stating that the post should say Bazaar and Vox servers, and have updated to reflect that.

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