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AT&T page mentions the LG Vu -- in two flavors

Chris Ziegler

An eagle-eyed tipster noticed that AT&T's imminently-launching LG Vu superphone has finally made an appearance on an official page of the carrier's. A glance at the list of TTY-compatible phones lists the CU915 and CU920, seemingly confirming a rumor we've heard in various forms over the past few months -- that the Vu will be offered in two versions, one with and one without MediaFLO. The upcoming mobile TV service will only be initially launching in a fraction of the markets where AT&T offers 3G service, so it makes some sense that they'd ask LG to spin a special version of the high-end phone that could be offered elsewhere -- potentially at a slightly lower price point. We can only hope.

[Thanks, Alex]

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