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Dost thou love DS? Then do not squander skins


When we look to our DS, we hardly ever think of important figures in history. Sure, just about anything on a DS automatically ups the value of the handheld (certain things just do not), but we never thought about how important individuals of the past would look upon Nintendo's handheld unit.

Ben Franklin, a man who is very well-known in these United States in which DSF has decided to set up shop, would most likely love the bold direction in which Nintendo has taken their handheld. Of course, he would probably be more worried about the strange picture tubes and curious garment of dress of which modern society has become accustomed to. The idea of putting images other than cute cartoon characters or other pop-culture references on our DS gets us inexplicably excited, though.

What kind of notable figure in history would you like to see on your DS? Personally, we'd love a Gandhi skin.

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