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Famitsu best of 2007 list shows a lot of Xbox 360 love


The Xbox 360 has a reputation for being the underdog in Japanese sales, partly due to its status as the only American-produced console of the big three. So color us surprised by Famitsu's list of the top 25 titles of 2007, as ranked by the magazine's review scores, which features a lot of love for Microsoft's white wonder.

Of the 25 titles ranked, a whopping ten are Xbox 360 titles. The games -- which include titles like Lost Odyssey, Halo 3 and Forza 2 -- make up the majority of the list, with the DS and PS3 tying at a distant second with five games apiece.

The PS2 and PSP each had two games make the top 25 list, and the Wii lagged in last place with only one title (Super Mario Galaxy). Congrats go out to Microsoft. Now all they need are some strong sales figures in Japan to go along with their impressive scores.

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