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Found Footage: iPhone firmware 1.2 hacked

Cory Bohon

The iPhone hacking community is at it again, and they're not going to take the SDK for an answer. The dev team has recently found out how to install and run iPhone firmware 1.2. This is supposedly the SDK-only developer version, which runs the iPhone (Aspen) simulator. Firmware 1.2 may end up re-released as version 2.0 in June, assuming there are no showstopping problems. There is no word yet on how they got access to the firmware, but it is still a cool video, and looks like the real deal. In this video, you can see the following 2.0 features:

  • New calculator with squared buttons
  • iTunes Wi-Fi Store with a missing button (and missing text under the "search" icon)
  • Select multiple messages to be deleted/moved in Mail
  • New calendar setting (with Time Zone support)
  • Microsoft Exchange in the new Mail accounts
  • Parental controls
  • Cisco VPN settings
However, not shown was the AppStore (which was clearly displayed on the home screen) or the search feature in the contacts list. This video is just a taste of what firmware 2.0 should bring -- it also makes me look forward to getting it in June.

Thanks Adam!

[via InsanelyMac]

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