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GT5 Prologue hits 1 million Euro pre-orders

Ross Miller

The upcoming Gran Turismo 5 Prologue for PlayStation 3 has already reached a milestone, with SCEE confirming the title has reach one million in European pre-orders. That pretty much assures the racer of hitting platinum status within its first week of release.

For those wishing to go the download route, Prologue will only cost your hard drive 1.9 GB. Filling out the remainder of the Blu-ray disc version are cinematics from the game, still available to the downloaded version in-game through GT TV. As explained by Eurogamer (via PS3 Fanboy), you can download the opening movie at any time, and the ending movie becomes available once you beat the game. No word yet on how big those movies are.

GT5 Prologue is due out next Friday, March 28, in Europe (March 27 for download) and April 17 in North America.

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