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Monster Hunter craze spawns new art book, music CD

Majed Athab

Monster Hunter fever is sweeping over Japan as Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G draws closer and closer to release. Playing on MH fans undying lust for everything Monster Hunter-ish, several new series collectibles will be hitting the market. First up is Monster Hunter Illustrations, an art book consisting of sketch work, monster information, and staff commentary from both the PSP and PS2 iterations of Monster Hunter games. Not much else is known about the book, but we do know it will be out at Japanese retailers on March 25, two days before 2nd G's release. It's also available for pre-order on play-asia.

Another way to get in on the craze is with the two disc music CD that should be coming out much later on April 16. The CD features 36 tracks from Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. This baby is also ready for pre-order.

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