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ONM reports no snaking in Mario Kart

Candace Savino

You can all breathe easier now ... considering, of course, that you trust the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine, which has been known to be wrong on a few issues here and there.

When we reported rumors that the dreaded snaking technique would worm its way to Mario Kart Wii, many of you vented your irritation in the comments. According to ONM, though, snaking won't be exploitable in the upcoming Wii racer.

The magazine reported in its review of the game, "Ever since the N64 game, practically every Mario Kart game has included the ability to get a speed boost by waggling the controls left and right as you powerslide. This has finally been scrapped, and now your speed boost is determined by how long you can hold the slide." Sounds like a better system to us.

Yet, we're sure that some of you are advocates of snaking, and are not happy by this turn of events. So, now it's your turn to vent in the comments -- let us hear your woes, snakers.


[Via GoNintendo]

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