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Sound and Vision mag talks tax-deductible A/V gear

Steven Kim

Yeah, it's tax time again; time to get creative with your past year's consumerist urges. While we're not in the habit of giving out financial advice (we can never resist buying new gear), S&V mag has some guidelines on how you can claim your A/V purchases as "business related." It's a good guide, and we'd underscore the advice of keeping a detailed paper trail -- and not just of the expenses, either. Usage logs can help immensely if you (cough) get audited. That is, if your logs can accurately reflect that you stay within the 50-percent rule for your enjoyment business-related work. Above all, be honest with yourself about how you use your gear -- and if you decide to list gadget deductions, we'd recommend a brief talk with a financial advisor as a final sanity check.

[Via TVSnob]

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