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The Daily Grind: Your favorite gamer term

It could be because you saw it in an online comic (like the awesome MacHall comic to the right) saw a friend using it, picked it up from a forum, or just are amused by the pop-culture nature of it all. But there are some phrases that have become part and parcel of MMO language. There are a lot of non-WoW playing people who know just what you mean when you yell "Leeeroyyy Jennnkinnns" or when you start saying "throw more dots, more dots" (note: NSFW language in videos)

We see it in-game, hear it at conventions, and we may even use it ourselves -- generally among friends or guildmates who won't look at us funny for it. But we wanted to ask -- what kinds of gaming phrases have made their way into your conversations? Do you have any particular terms you've adopted and made your own catch-phrase?

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