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Apple issuing refunds, credits from WGA strike


Here's a nice bit of information. Many iTunes customers bought season passes to television shows in iTunes that never aired as a result of the recent writers' strike. As of this writing, Apple has begun addressing their concerns.

In an email that has been delivered to some customers, Apple describes how customer plans will be extended into the next season, or refunds will be issued:

"We will make all additional episodes which are broadcast during the 2007-08 season available to you as we receive them. If the season does end up with fewer episodes, you will receive a partial refund to make up for the difference."

Also, some customers are finding an instant iTunes Store credit that may be used towards the purchase of any two TV episodes, music videos, or short films on the iTunes Store.

Let us know if you receive one. Thanks, Apple!

[Via Uneasy Silence]

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