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Disgaea DS comes jam packed with some nice extras

Candace Savino
Disgaea, as niche as it is, has quite a following. In a recent interview with Crispy Gamer, Nippon Ichi's PR Manager Jack Niida stated that the entire reason for bringing Disgaea to the DS was because of demand -- specifically, a constant barrage of emails and calls. Hear that, people? Your pestering worked.

Still, those of you who have already played the PSP's Afternoon of Darkness or the original Hour of Darkness on the PS2 might be wondering why you should buy another adaptation. Niida explains that, for one, a main attraction of the new Disgaea is the multiplayer. So, if you're hoping to battle friends (we're assuming through Wi-Fi and not locally), it might be a worthwhile purchase.

Even if you aren't, though, the DS version (which will be called Prince of the Demon World and the Red Moon in Japan) seems to have a lot of nifty extras. Besides including all the content from the PSP version and more, the game will feature new characters and utilize touchscreen controls. Niida also hinted at a unique battle feature, but kept tight-lipped on that, promising more information soon. The DS game will keep the voice acting and music from Afternoon of Darkness, but (as was expected) will make some sacrifices in terms of graphics.

Crispy Gamer also asked Niida if we'd ever see a Disgaea game on the 360 or Wii, to which he replied coyly, "Who knows, you might see something interesting coming out later in the year." If you ask us, it won't be happening anytime in the near future, but it's nice to know that they're open to the possibility. Still, we're happy enough that we'll be seeing such a full, time-sucking game on our favorite handheld -- everything else is just gravy.

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