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Electrolux debuts intelligent "auto-focus" Inspiro oven


Electrolux has never been one to cling to the usual household appliance conventions, and it now looks to be pushing beyond 'em once again with its new "auto-focus" Inspiro oven, which promises to automatically pick the proper cooking settings based on the contents of the oven. That's apparently done with an array of sensors that determine the exact combination of energy consumption and time needed to bring food to the correct temperature, which Electrolux describes as working in much the same way "cameras now automatically set aperture, exposure time and focus, depending on the light and what's in the frame." Of course, those that like to feel that their smarter than their oven can also make use of a manual mode, although it's not clear when they'll actually be able to do that, with no word on a release date (or a price) just yet.

[Via Kitchen Contraptions]

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