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Forum post of the day: Dreadful DPS declarations

Amanda Dean

The biggest frustration in a MMORPG is probably getting ganked at most inopportune moments. The next biggest aggravation has got to be playing with pick-up-groups. Sometimes we get lucky in choosing random players to instance with, but we've all got horror stories of out worst experiences with PUGs.

Ihaveaplan of Altarac Mountains started a thread for players to list 200 things you don't want to hear from your DPS. The original poster's initial complaint was the Warlock who left the group because the tank was fighting multiple mobs. Some other gems from this thread include:

  • Bizzerk of Laughing Skull, "Does anyone have damage meters?"
  • Zazzi of Kirin Tor, "Do any of you have another weapon? My sword broke."
  • Groxikor of Daggerspine, "I'm pretty good with bandages, can I heal?"
  • Misada of Dark Iron, "Hey guys, can someone resummon me, had to hearth to repair my gear."
  • Ovelita of Ner'zhul, "We don't need a healer. We have a shadow priest."

Sometimes I'm amazed that people made it out of their starting zones. I thinking I actually banged my head on the desk when a Hunter once said "Um, I'm out of bullets." That was followed by a Mage who insisted on pulling, and tanking. Most of the complaints come from people who do not come prepared or do not understand class dynamics.

What's the last thing you want to hear from a DPSer?

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