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Get informed on Warhammer's Tome of Knowledge

Michael Zenke

Waaagh is not only a great orcish outcry, it's the name of a new blog aiming to talk about EA Mythic's in-development Warhammer Online. The succinctly named Syp has done a service for everyone interested in one of the most unique features coming in the gritty fantasy title. He's gone through just about every interview, discussion, or FAQ about Warhammer's Tome of Knowledge, with the goal of triangulating the scope and depth of this hypertextual book.

Even for folks who have been following this title for some time, there's probably a lot of information you may not have picked up on. For example, did you know that the Tome will unlock the lore story for all three races in your faction (Order or Chaos)? Did you know that as of late last year there were already over 12,000 'unlocks' for the book and some 5,000 tracked achievements? Head over to waaagh to get the low-down on learning.

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