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Is it scheduled maintenance, or patch day?

Amanda Miller

Well, it is the Tuesday before Easter, and true to Mike's original predictions, the rumors are flying that today patch 2.4 will hit. The PTRs are down, and everything seems set. Of course, if this happens, we will not only be looking at awesomeness, we will be facing extended maintenance.

To help you wait it out, we will not only be offering content all day long, but we have compiled a nifty list of content from the past week or so that you simply must read.

  1. Belfaire comments on the issue of player policing, and GM subjectivity. See where the issue was first raised.
  2. The 10 Commandments of roleplaying.
  3. Read and vote for your favorite WoW-themed comic.
  4. The dynamic between mages and warlocks, from the mage perspective, and from that of the warlock.
  5. Continuing through Amanda Dean's adventures after her account was hacked.
  6. Fancy a good story? Learn more about the Grimtotem Tribe.
  7. Hear what Drysc had to say regarding battlegrounds and class balance.
  8. Have you been keeping up on the tanking controversy? If not, check out Alex's original post, his subsequent reply to reader feedback, and then check out Allison's views regarding hybrid tanking. Even Rossi gets involved, and lets us know how the protection warrior fits in.
  9. More interested in some light fun? Go nominate your most hated race in all of Warcraft. Harpies FTL.

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