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Nokia 5610 spotted with T-Mobile branding -- but which T-Mobile?

Chris Ziegler

It looks like we all missed this little gem tucked away in the Nokia XpressMusic 5610's FCC filing when it went public last month. Yep, your eyes aren't deceiving you -- you're looking at a T-Mobile logo front and center there. Only problem is, we can't figure out which T-Mobile they're referring to. Our gut tells us it's probably the US one that we all know and love, seeing how they carry the 5300 presently, and the particular flavor of the 5610 bearing T-Mob's credentials is a straight 2.5G piece across four bands. That's right, no 1700 or 2100MHz 3G here, and seeing how European carriers like 2.5G handsets like they like pokes in the eye with a sharp stick, that pretty much settles it. Cool how we've just decided it's gotta be T-Mobile USA in the post, isn't it? No word on a release on T-Mobile divisions on either side of the Atlantic at this point, though, so we'll keep our ear to the ground.

[Via CellPhoneSignal, thanks Marco]

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