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Refurb iPhone from AT&T: $249. Maybe


TUAW reader Matt Daughtry tipped us off about this refurb AT&T iPhone deal for just $249 with free shipping. Much as I tried to buy one, the awful AT&T web design just would not let me add one to my cart and check out. If you have better luck and can leave some how-to tips in the comments, I'll greatly appreciate it. $249 for an 8GB iPhone is a terrific deal, especially for everyone who now needs a spare development unit.

Update: Mystery solved, iPhone purchased. I ended up having to clear my cookies because my existing login as a GoPhone customer was interfering with the purchase. Took an hour on the phone with AT&T and them saying: "But we can't sell to you, you're a GOPHONE customer!" while I begged them to ignore that fact since there was nothing on the site that said the purchase was not available for GoPhone users.

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