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Top 7 reasons I am looking forward to 2.4


So with patch 2.4 coming on us soon, I was thinking about it, and I have to say that I can't remember the last time I was filled with this much anticipation over a patch. Aside from 1.8, which made Feral Druids viable, this might be my favorite patch. But why do I love it? Why can't I wait until the servers come up on patch day and we're allowed in?

Let me count the ways! Here's 7 relatively simple reasons that I am watching my computer like a hawk, waiting for 2.4 to make it live.

7. More in-game cinematics. I like the idea of fun little scripted in game events, so the fly-by over Magister's Terrace and sight of Brutallus and Madrigosa fighting each other in the Dead Scar is epic, and a clever preview of the Sunwell Plateau 25-man itself. I hope this is a concept Blizzard decides to use in the future.

6. Fewer maniacally laughing Draenei in Shattrath. Seriously, that laugh is annoying as hell. Now that 2.4 features both Blood Elves and Draenei practicing and drilling in Shattrath, at least there's variety. Plus, females of both races. I approve of the Naaru becoming equal opportunity employers.

5. I can say goodbye to the Kaliri forever. Yeah, that's the nice thing about all these new dailies. Considering that I'll have so much to do in Shattrath and Quel'danas, and they're removing the potions reward from rescuing that silly prisoner anyway, I can just leave Skettis behind and let those big dumb birds swoop around aimlessly in peace. It isn't like that Terokk guy is all that anyway.

4. I have over 40 Void Crystals and 6 Large Prismatic Shards. Being able to break down those silly crystals I don't need into the crystals I do need via Void Shatter will make life so much easier. I'll finally have the spare crystals to put Executioner on my Soul Harvester!

3. I'll get to fly around on a Dragonhawk. I mean, come on. Dragonhawk riding is sort of cool. They're like these awesome fire-breathing snake things. Aside from a few issues with some of the demons taking too many bombs to defeat and being sort of hard to find when 20 people are doing the bombing run at once, the actual concept of riding a Dragonhawk and wiping out a whole bunch of demons and scourge is probably the most awesomely fun bombing mission yet. If we're lucky, maybe they'll eventually have some way of getting a permanent Dragonhawk mount.

2. Hawkstriders! Hawkstriders are possibly my favorite in game mounts now, so being able to grab one for my alliance characters (courtesy of Kael'thas) is a dream come true. Now my Dwarf Hunter can enjoy riding around on a Chocobo(-like creature) without rerolling Blood Elf!

1. More bag space! I am a pack rat. My main character is a druid. My secondary character is a Hunter. I enjoy collecting non-combat pets. You can see where I am going with this! With all the stuff I carry around, being able to easily upgrade on of my 18-slot bags to a 20-slot bag is probably going to make me overload with pure joy.

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