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TV2ART's Kabe artfully hides your wall-mounted HDTV

Darren Murph

Make no mistake, there are quite a few firms out there with solutions for concealing that wall-hung flat-panel, but we see no harm in one more alternative joining the mix. The Zen-inspired Kabe from TV2ART aims to blend one's HDTV into its surroundings by floating just a few inches away from the wall and possessing a slidable painting that can cover up the set when needed or slide out of the way when gameday comes. As expected, the unit is offered in a myriad styles, and interested consumers can even have one crafted from wood, aluminum, copper or just about any other material known to man. As for pricing, the 42- / 50- / 60-inch models will run you at least $2,200 / $2,600 / $3,000, respectively, but each one accommodates displays slightly smaller or larger than the model size itself.

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