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Wii in South Korea by May 5


After opening a branch in South Korea, Nintendo has quickly ushered the DS into the region and into the hands of eager gamers. The DS has been received with big, open arms by the public, so it's only natural that Nintendo would want to get the Wii in there, as well. That time may be during this May, apparently.

In a report recently published by The Korea Times, word hits that both Nintendo and Activision registered games with the Korean ratings board (their version of the ESRB). With the popular gift-giving holiday Children's Day coming May 5th, the consensus is that the system will launch then.

Regardless of when it's coming, the important thing is that it is arriving at all. We'll cross our fingers for you, fine Korean brothers and sisters, so that you may enjoy what has been the focus of our lives for quite some time.

[Via Joystiq]

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