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Android gets hooked up with Jetty web server port

Chris Ziegler

If Symbian can do it, Android certainly can -- and sure enough, there's a web server available for Android devices well before a single handset's even on the market. The entirely Java-based Jetty server made a particularly well-suited target for the port seeing how Android apps are based in Java, and the i-Jetty team called the whole process "really fast" compared to some of the other Java hosts it's dealt with. The chief engineer of the project is quick to note that handhelds don't really have enough horsepower to support more than a very small handful of users at a time, but if Android ends up finding its way well beyond its original targets and onto more boring devices like routers, it could be a viable product. The complete initial release of i-Jetty is now available for download, so, you know, enjoy doing whatever it is one might do with a web server on a phone emulator.

[Via PHONE Magazine and Linux Devices]

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