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Final Fantasy Tactics A2 not released B4 June 24


Two crushing disappointments awaited us in the latest Square Enix press release. The first, admittedly, was entirely due to our misreading of the subject line and consequent imagining of the many, many flavors Final Fantasy Tictacs could contain. Just think: You'd have the sour Squall-flavored ones, the spicy Red XIIIs, a couple of Cloud candies (indiscernible from Sephiroth flavor) , the Tidus fruit droplets and ... well, now you see why were so disappointed.

Similarly, we didn't quite appreciate the North American release date for Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. You'll only be able to stick the third part of the "Ivalice Alliance" into your DS on June 24th, which is quite a long way off if you're a Final Fan of strategic RPG-ery. Square Enix promises it'll be worth the wait though, as the grimoire comes packed with 400 quests, "polished game mechanics," stylus controls and new jobs and classes.

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