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FSN Southwest preps first NBA regular season 3D broadcast


It's good to see those Brits aren't the only ones getting 3D HD sports action this season, as PACE is back and hooking its Fusion 3D tech to an NBA game yet again. For the first time during the regular season (after last year's All-Star Game and a Finals game) -- and unsurprisingly with a connection to Engadget HD friend Mark Cuban (where's our invite man?) -- the March 25 game between the Dallas Mavericks and L.A. Clippers can be viewed live at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, or across town in the Magnolia Theatre with Sony's SXRD 3D projection system beamed onto an 18x42 foot screen for VIPs and 100 lucky fans who can win entry on Now if they could just find a way to simulate buying tickets for way over face value from eBay or StubHub in the theatre, it would be just like going to a real game.

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