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    Heat from GeForce 9800 GX2 causing system crashes?


    By now you've had a chance to sample the reviews on nVIDIA's new flagship GeForce 9800 X2 graphics card right? Good, so did you happen to see the comments from bit-tech about heat? During their testing, bit-tech encountered "a number of heat-related crashes, hard locks and instabilities" with their ASUS Striker II Formula motherboard. They claim with 100% certainty that all the issues were related to the installation of the GeForce 9800 GX2. Apparently, the heat generated by the card coupled with 9800 GX2's air-flow restricting footprint caused the motherboard to enter an automatic self-protect mode as board components exceeded 90 degrees Celsius (190-degrees Fahrenheit) -- the GPUs never exceeded a reasonable 85 degrees Celsius. A fan placed directly above the motherboard's south bridge (responsible for HDD controller, I/O, etc) fixed the problem. Consider yourselves warned.

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