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JVC lets you know it can bring video to your next party

Steven Kim

Never mind the bad headline joke -- JVC took the wraps off its pro-level video processor, the RSVP2 (Reference Series Video Processor), at EHX. If it's good enough for pros, it will do just fine in high-end home settings. Send in video to any of the four HDMI 1.3 inputs and out pops a 1080p-24/25/50/60 signal. The THX-approved magic inside the box will also allow you to remap the color space of the input signal with 14-bit accuracy. Dedicated scalers are definitely in the upper-crust of the market, but getting this kind of functionality for $3695 would have been unimaginable even just a short while ago. Keep the prices coming down, and we'll keep our dreams alive!

[Via WidescreenReview]

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