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Next Halo 3 map pack coming April 15, includes Sidewinder remake

Justin McElroy

For the next Halo 3 batch of content (the "Legendary Map Pack") Bungie is going a bit more old-school. The pack will include "Avalanche," a spiritual remake of Halo 1's "Sidewinder." It won't be exactly the same, Bungie cautions, but its U-shape is definitely going to remind you of the old stomping grounds.

If you have more questions about the addition -- and we're sure you do -- some Bungie staffers took time to answer some of them. What we also learned today was that "Avalanche," "Ghost Town" and one other mystery map will drop April 15 for 800 points. Speaking as people who like to hold on to their $10 bills, we look forward to playing them a few months after that.

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