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Our favorite Charlie Rose caption is...


Yesterday, we pointed out the story of Charlie Rose and his MacBook Air. Just in case you missed it, Charlie was walking along the Manhattan streets with his MacBook Air. He tripped and instinctively saved the Air... and kissed the pavement.

That night, he did his show with one heck of a shiner. We asked you, dear readers, to fill Charlie's thought balloon. After combing through more than 100 entries, we've chosen our favorite, which you can see above. Congratulations, Spudnuts!

The runner-ups to "iAche" include

  1. ""My Sudden Motion Sensor didn't park my head soon enough." by Geoff
  2. "Boom!" by Michael L.
  3. "It's cheaper to fix my face." by x.
Thanks, everyone (and get well soon, Charlie).

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