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Rapper wants you to quit gaming, get laid

Justin McElroy

You probably guessed from the headline, but the video just below the break is not work safe. But if you're ready for Dragon Boy Suede and Jonah Ray to pick you up off the couch and reintroduce you to the world of women, it's a must-watch when you get home.

Normally, this kind of humor would fall flat with us as the intended objects of ridicule, but Dragon Boy (or is it Mr. Suede) did his homework with just enough gaming references to have us awkwardly bobbing our heads to the beat. (We're especially partial to "Avoid the pitfalls, penetrate the gauntlet.") Oh, and before we forget, don't waste your time commenting about how the stereotype is wrong and you're fighting the ladies off with a stick. Everybody already knows the truth, Horace. Everybody knows.

[Via Giant Bomb]

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