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Sang Da SD999 includes wireless camera -- ripped logos no extra charge

Chris Ziegler

Believe it or not, this little maestro has nothing to do with our Keepin' It Real Fake series. Don't get us wrong, thanks to a juiced Dopod logo and "Windows" text in the upper left that the manufacturer was too lazy to bother trying to make look even remotely legit, it certainly could be a KIRF honoree, but the Sang Da SD999 has a neat trick up its sleeve that manages to keep it out of that dubious category. Turns out the phone (which looks absolutely nothing like an ASUS P750, coincidentally) can hook up with wireless camera equipped with infrared LED illumination up to 30 meters away, although the reviewer found that it pretty much craps out after 10. A pretty neat trick with some potential real-world applications, we'd say -- like monitoring your premises for corporate spies, for example.

[Via iTech News Net]

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