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Sony's XEL-1 power-hungry nature shows up on test bench

Steven Kim

Haven't you heard? OLEDs are gearing up to take over the display world, making your fancy LCD something you'll wrap fish with. Taking up the point in the quest for world domination is Sony's XEL-1, which we admit puts out a great, albeit small, picture. Lab tests by Tech-On, however, show the 11-inch display has an appetite for power that belies its diminutive size. Check out the link for some insight to the wizardry that makes the XEL-1 work, including ramping down panel brightness after turn-on and insertion of "blanking" frames. But eyebrows at the lab arched a little when the unit ate up 28.4-Watts to produce a pure white image. While that figure won't send your electric meter into Whirling Dervish mode, the CEO of Toshiba says that at sizes beyond 30-inches, OLEDs consume 2 - 3 times more juice than LCDs. These kind of challenges are nothing new to emerging technology, and we're sure manufacturers will get things under control; but for now (in an increasingly "green" world), there are still hurdles.

[Via SmartHouse]

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