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Variety: Sierra devs need to justify games after Activision merger


Blizzard might get a free pass when Activision officially takes over Vivendi Games, but the Sierra branch of the company isn't so lucky. Variety reports that Sierra developers will have to justify their games currently in development to Activision executives once the merger is complete and re-pitch their work to survive.

Variety believes games expected this year like Bourne, Prototype, Brutal Legend and Ghostbusters are safe, but that games for '09 (titles that we'd probably hear about for the first time at E3) are all in limbo. For example, will there be another Bourne game when it conflicts with Activision's James Bond license? The fate of Sierra titles now lies in the whims of Activision execs.

*In case you're justifiably young enough not to know who Roberta Williams is, here's a link.

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