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Amazon offers two free HD DVDs when you buy... a BD-UP5000?

Darren Murph

Make no mistake, we're huge fans of sales. But Amazon's latest "deal" has us scratching our noggins and laughing heartily all at the same time. Touted as a "limited-time offer," the e-tailer is giving away two HD DVDs (read: free, gratis, on the house, etc.) -- all you have to do is buy two Blu-ray titles... and a $450 Samsung BD-UP5000 combo player. Truthfully, we can't figure out what Amazon's trying to pull here, or why it chose to market this special in this manner. Sure, we can see sparking up a sale in order to clear out HD DVD inventory, and we can even understand hacking the price of the soon-to-be-discontinued UP5000, but this? Check out the read link and have a chuckle, won't you?

[Thanks, John]

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