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Bridges backhands Rosedale, Second Life

Tateru Nino

Corey Bridges, founder of Multiverse another player in the increasingly large virtual world space, had a number of things to say to Worlds in Motion about the announcement that Philip Rosedale was planning to step down as CEO and step up as chairman.

A sort of freehand summary would be, "Second Life can't deliver, and Multiverse can. So long, Philip, and thanks for all the fish."

Intentional or not, it comes across as unbecoming smack talk, basically.

"Certainly Second Life has, in many ways, plateaued in some of their more important metrics and they're still not revealing a lot of the really key data on user behavior," he told WiM.

We can't help but wonder what data he's referring to. It smells like a load of Shirky, though, especially coupled with this: "I think they would have difficulty if they tried to go public, because they would have to disclose a lot of the real numbers. They have a huge abandonment rate."

Bridges goes on to imply that Second Life just can't deliver, but that Multiverse can, and ends on a condescending note.

"I do honestly sincerely think we all owe Philip a thank you for bringing attention to the industry. Now it's just time for the real technology to step in," Bridges said.

Ouch. We wonder if any of this was followed by fist-pounding.

[via Worlds In Motion]

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