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Community tackles Xbox Live Anywhere

When it was announced in 2006, Xbox Live Anywhere was the vision of the Live platform we'd all expect to be immersed in by the time Sony and Nintendo had entered the next-gen market. Two years later a community, who grew tired of waiting for mobile Live awareness, has taken the platform under their wing.

The team at 1337pwn have recently released a set of widgets for the iPhone and iPod Touch family along with widgets for Palm and Blackberry devices that meet almost every expectation of Microsoft's original Live Anywhere platform (save for playing games). More than just a static gamercard, the Xbox Live Friends List Widget allows users to view the online status and gamerscore of any users inputted into the system while allowing users to send messages via by clicking into any listed gamercard. While the widget has been available for MacOS and select internet browsers for sometime, the inclusion of mobile widgets for this high-quality community creation is already a step ahead of Microsoft. Now, if they could only tackle a Smart Phone (Windows Mobile) version we'd be happy!

[Thanks, borocouncilman]

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